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Fast, Efficient, Structured and Easyworkflow and business process management

Create greater value for your business and customers

Interneer Intellect is a Web-based integrated Workflow and Business Process Management software solution - requires no programming from initial design to deployment. Model, automate, manage and optimize business processes and workflows.  It can easily adapt your applications to accommodate and avoid costly resources and replacements. Interneer Intellect is integrated in one single environment with no hassle of purchasing, installing, maintaining and learning multiple disparate systems.

Create long term value with workflow automation and managing business processes. Interneer Intellect Business Process Management software solution will give your organization the ability to adapt to changing events and circumstances while still maintaining overall productivity and performance. Respond more quickly to changes and challenges to continuously meet your organization's goals and objectives. Improve personal productivity and performance while directly measuring, responding, and controlling all aspects and elements of your business processes.


Benefits you will gain from the Intellect Solution:

  • Modeling and Design – Enables a quick, intuitive and strategic definition of your process.
  • Workflow Automation – Saves time and resources, improves productivity while cutting cost and increasing return on investment (ROI).
  • Quickly and Easy Integration with your existing databases, spreadsheets and systems.
  • Convenient All in One Environment Available at any time through most web-browsers.
  • Easy Custom Applications Build and deploy fully-functional Web-based applications with no coding through a drag and drop environment creating agility and flexibility.
  • Real Time Implementation – Directly turn workflows into real-world activities and arrange processes in real-time.
  • Activity Tracking/DashboardsTrack process performance, creating visibility with an emphasis on communication and collaboration.
  • NotificationsRespond with speed to process events based on circumstances, such as rule changes, exceptions, and escalations.
  • Rapid Deployment SaaS (Hosted) and or Install on premises options—implementations in days and weeks.

Interneer Intellect brings all dimensions of a business together creating new and long term value, lower costs, time spent, and waste. In addition, you will build new capabilities faster with greater return on investment (ROI) with the Intellect technology. Business Process Management will enable new levels of participation and open collaboration among teams, especially between business users and IT professionals.

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